My order still hasn't shipped yet, what's going on?

So, you are still waiting on your order to ship?

Given the nature of the made to order process, with the level of attention and production needed, sometimes we can exceed the standard production time is generally 10-15 business days.

This reality does tie into our philosophy of the hand-made to order process, in studio, right here in Sydney, Australia. However, our small team of jewellers here in studio always will endeavour to finish your order within the timeframe, but in the case that it does go over this time - we do apologise and we'll be doing our best to get everything back on track. 



(Message for the Owner, Ryan Purdie-Smith)

The month of August was one of funnest months we've had with the launch of the Prosperity ring, from Conor Jon Taylor's winning entry in the Design Comp.

However, we had an overwhelming month with orders for this exclusive design, which has completely snowed us under in the way of production.

We are working extremely hard to keep on top of the orders, along with upholding the standard of quality that we require with every design that goes out our door. 

We really appreciate all your patience!

- Ryan



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